Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christina Carabain - The Funhouse

Christina Carabain - The Funhouse, originally uploaded by Don Le.

My favorite photo shoot ever. My photographic muse, Christina Carabain, was back in town from Arizona again. She has such a fun, vibrant presence and I love the 'tude she brings to every shoot. She took the funhouse to the next level... seriously!

Along with my amazing crew, Christina brought my photographic concepts to life with everything that she had. She always aimed to please and undoubtedly, as the pictures can attest, she rocked my socks off!

Subject: Christina Carabain
Photographer: Don Le
Hair Stylist: Danielle Starkweather
Makeup Artist: Tammy Cummings
Wardrobe Designer: Kristin Don
Photo Assistant: Michael Toscano

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ryan Sakoda - Headshots

Ryan Sakoda - Headshots, originally uploaded by Don Le.

Ryan Sakoda - Headshots

Ryan Sakoda was a WWE Wrestler, and now has him ambitions set on Hollywood. My friend hooked me up on a photo shoot with this startling new talent. He's only going up from here!

Nikki Soohoo's Charity Event

Nikki Soohoo's Charity Event, originally uploaded by Don Le.

An amazing event thrown by Nikki Soohoo (Stick It, The Lovely Bones) dedicated to the growth of the performing arts. It featured perfomances from Esna Yoon and AJ.

Check out the vids here:



Sonny Ayon - Headshots 2010

Sonny Ayon - Headshots 2010, originally uploaded by Don Le.

Newest headshots for my buddy, Sonny Ayon ( Freedom Writers, The Shield, Trauma). 2010 is going to be a boffo year for him. Check out his latest reel that I edited: